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Brock Foxworthy Hanson

San Francisco, Seattle


Event, Portrait, and Wedding galleries.

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Evanescent STOCK


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Evanescent Photography historically focused on Intuitive Manual Photography, employing legendary Leica R, and M-style cameras,

alternative chemistries, and the highest-resolution film stocks, culturing a nearly-religious commitment

to unrehearsed, non-manipulated imagery.Ordaining these ideal to the now-omnipresent digital world, we seek to

evolved to usher your next dimension of advertising, portraiture, and documentary work into and through the magic of spontaneous Art.


Evanescent Imagery delivers profound views of the fantastic, and assumedly-mundane

for those who require artistic ideals be married with everyday philosophy.

Our photographers exist in the mysticism of the imminently-grounded and the otherworldly,

capturing images appealing to clients who realize one precious moment, changes everything.

Evanescent Images have enjoyed worldwide publication, spanning five continents,

in every photographic genre; but is this enough?

We strive to carefully gather details others miss, and caress them to forms

future generations will ponder, through the indescribable satisfaction of what we do,
the insight of four decades,
and the hazing hard-won experience deepens us with.


Unlike vapid, purely profit-driven actions, and amidst

the shoddily-made disposable objects of their reality, one truly-authentic
unmanipulated fraction of a second stands ideals against themselves, shocking the prevailing mileau.

Images captured without sufficient hope, despair, love, or belief are empty, and lying to you.

Inside them, nothing exists. They let you continue on, though a memory might appear, or a tear is wiped.
You recognize a power, which alludes by resonance or mimic, to much greater images.

Their moments are curios of lesser houses, cheaply involved in the marketing of each individualís

highly-manufactured reality; and do not represent the difficult washboard road,

delivering our feelings, thoughts and fears to their point of departure.
This Candide's tale, or Escher's journey, culminates at the innocent,

iconoclastic union of photography and photographer.


Evanescent's lead photographer, Brock Hanson developed his first roll of film at age eleven in his makeshift darkroom

in a leaky basement, beneath a flight of stairs. the act sparked a lifetime fascination with,

fleeting imagery, philosophy, travel, people, and abstraction which has carried him around the planet five times,

Evanescent photographers collectively strive to be on constant alert for the extraordinary in the mundane, a sublime beneath the sensational,
and the ongoing magic our every moment dictates to being.


Evanescent Photography possesses a burgeoning archive of sixty thousand fine art

transparencies awaiting your divine imagery needs.

Call 415-378-1003 at your convenience.